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Compounding allows a medication to be personalized for an individual patient. This allows us to help patients with a wide variety of needs. Sometimes it’s as simple as a medication that is difficult to find or has been discontinued. This often happens when not enough people are using the drug and it becomes unprofitable to continue mass-producing it. But what about the few people benefiting from the drug? Compound pharmacists can recreate it! Even if you are the only person in the world taking the medication, you can have it thanks to compounded medicine!

Commercially manufactured medications commonly contain lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten, sugar and a variety of other non-active ingredients.  From allergies and intolerance to diets and lifestyle, there are a variety of reasons individuals avoid many of these items. But when you need the medicine, a compounding pharmacist can create a personalized formulation to give you the treatment you need while leaving out the problematic ingredients. A great example is compounded pain-relief medications that won’t afflict you with side effects like drowsiness, impaired driving, or upset stomach…so you can conquer your pain without compromising your safety!


And sometimes you just want your medication to be easier to use! How many parents have held down their toddler to squirt bitter Augmentin into their mouth?  Did you know a compounding pharmacist can flavor many medications…making them more palatable without losing their effectiveness? Very handy for children, elderly patients and even pets! We can also compound your medicines in different dosage formats…like an anti-nausea cream that’s rubbed on the inside of the wrist so your kids can keep it down.

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