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Here at the pharmacy we can compound creams that deliver pain relief without mental impairment, or any of the other side effects that can go along with oral medication like nausea. In consultation with your primary care doctor, orthopedist, or other specialist, we tailor your medicine to your specific pain…whether it’s nerve pain, inflammation, throbbing, or chronic pain. And of course we want it to work! If you’re using a pain-relieving cream that’s just not cutting it or that irritates your skin, you can talk to us and we’ll change the formulation.


There are so many downsides to narcotic pain medications. They are highly addictive–so addictive in fact that there is a black market for them in our schools. And of course there is the risk of DWI…but the way I see it DWI is the lucky way. The alternative may be a serious accident. Either way, you really can’t afford it.  When it comes to pain you really do have safe and effective alternatives!


The core of our mission at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy is caring for people. From conventional prescriptions to compounded medications to over-the-counter solutions, we offer the right solutions for your overall health. We accept most major insurance plans and offer auto-refills and free shipping…although we love getting to know our patients face-to-face! Developing close relationships with the people we serve helps us deliver personal service that’s crucial for your health and managing your pain!

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